The beach

Nearby the camp Mina one can find many stone, pebble and sandy beaches. If you are looking for some quiet place where you can be alone, you will find it not far from the camp. The well-known pebble beach suitable for children is Mina, only 100 m far from the camp. A litlle bit further, 1.5 km far from Jelsa, there is Grebišće, popular sandy beach with two coves – Vela and Mola Grebišća.

4 km east from Jelsa there is Vala sv. Luke (Cove of the St. Luca) – sandy beach that is also an archeological site of building remains and pottery from Roman times. Its trademark is a small chapel on the cape. Nearby, there is bathing place called Zenčišća, the beach of abandoned hotel complex. On the other side, only 300 m far from Jelsa is the beach Bočić – bathing zone made of arranged cobble stones. For experience a full charm of the island there are many hidden beaches in secluded coves.

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Jadrolinija kept off-season prices on its lines to the island of Hvar and thus enabled our guests to ride at better prices. Price list

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