Indented coast, unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea, marvellous coves and beaches, lavender scent, olives and wine, history and culture are only some of the things that makes Hvar one of the 10 most beautiful islands on the world according to the list of the magazine ”Traveller” from 1997.

Hvar has been a top destination on Croatian Adriatic for years both for sun and the sea in summer as well as for rich cultural and historic heritage and tradition in winter. Due to its location that is opened up towards the world, on an ancient sailing trade route, Hvar is a place where long ago different cultures met and mixed which traces are visible even today.

With a total of average 2726 sunshine hours per year, Hvar is the sunniest island in Europe. Because of that and other natural beauties, varied services and rich sport and recreational offer the island attracts more and more tourists every year.

Those who want to experience idyllic atmosphere of the island can sail from cove to cove. Small, unspoiled, secluded coves show a full charm of the island.